Saltwater Fishing

With its sporadic darting action, life like details and amazing scent release, the Twitchin’ Shad Sponge Bait is a sure bet.

Twitchin’ Shad is a type of swim bait that is irresistible to predatory fish. The lure is designed to be fished with a jerking or twitching motion, which creates a lifelike swimming action.

Many anglers use Twitchin’ Shad Sponge Baits for targeting a variety of species, including Reds, Snapper, or Grouper. They are particularly effective when fished around cover or structure, as the soft, flexible body of the lure is less likely to get snagged than a hard-bodied bait.

Our pro staff team, tournament and recreational anglers across the U.S. have proved that any fish that swims will eat our Strike First Twitchin’ Shad! Whether fishing for Bass, Walleye, Trout, Reds, Snapper, or Grouper, fish can’t resist the enticement of our Twitchin’ Shad. Grab a pack of Twitchin’ Shad and catch more fish!

Package contains 8 pcs.

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