Saltwater Fishing

Strike First Paddle Tail Sponge Bait is the ultimate inshore swimbait.

Scent releasing Paddle Tail Sponge Bait for both fresh and saltwater inshore fishing. The sponge inside this swimbait is loaded with Entice fish attractant scent.

The familiar design of the Paddle Tail Sponge Bait makes it a must-have for any inshore angler looking to increase their catch. It’s versatile and perfect for targeting all types of saltwater game fish species such as redfish, trout, snook, tarpon and more.

Fish it on a jig head or weedless, swim fast or slow or work it with a bounce off the bottom. You can’t go wrong with this bait in your arsenal. So grab a pack of Paddle Tail Sponge Bait and experience the difference for yourself.

Package contains 8 pcs.

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